H20 just add lime & sugar

Sometimes all you need to rejuvenate is a glass of H20, in Italy I take my water with bubbles… acqua frizzante. But in Vietnam Itake my sparkling water with lime and sugar.

Live Florence: The harsh realities of hard water

Simply put the water in Florence is terrible. It is hard and abrasive. When I tell people this they often don’t believe me, but it seems that when it comes to water in Italy Florence drew the short straw.

My skin and hair were both dry and oily at the same time, there was a black residue that was always in the bottom of the shower that needed to be scrubbed off. The water tasted funny in cooking. So not only did we drink bottled water but we also used this water to make tea and often cook with too. Continue reading “Live Florence: The harsh realities of hard water”

Splitting the view: half real, half reflection

Koh Klang
Koh Klang

A beautiful sunrise in Koh Klang Thailand. Fifty per cent reality, fifty per cent reflection.