In 2014 I took a four week break from the busy hustle and bustle of the corporate world. I set out to enjoy the wonders of France, including – but not exclusively for – the traditional baguette.

My journey took me through the East of France, starting in Paris heading east to Colmar and then south – via Annecy and Lyon – to Avignon. Enjoying all of the colours of France with the blossoming seasonal flowers and colourful leaves of Autumn.

Highlights of my journey where fresh food markets featuring local fruit and vegetables, beautiful lake country vistas and idyllic views of Provence, as well as all of the wonder of Paris.


Eguisheim_S1 Eguisheim_s2 Eguisheim_s3 Eguisheim_s4 Eguisheim_s5
Eguisheim_s6 Eguisheim_s7 Eguisheim_s8


Colmar_1 Colmar_s2 Colmar_s3 Colmar_s4 Colmar_s5


Strasbourg_s1 Strasbourg_s2 Strasbourg_s3 Strasbourg_s4 Strasbourg_s5

Alsatian villages

Alsace_s1 Alsace_s2 Alsace_s3 Alsace_s4 Alsace_s5
Alsace_s6 Alsace_s7 Alsace_s8 Alsace_s9 Alsace_s10


Annecy_s1 Annecy_s2 Annecy_s3 Annecy_s4 Annecy_s5
Annecy_s6 Annecy_s7 Annecy_s8 Annecy_s9 Annecy_s10
Annecys11 Annecy_s13 Annecy_s14 Annecy_s16 Annecy_s17


Lyon_s1 Lyon_s2 Lyon_s3 Lyon_s4 Lyon_s5
Lyon_s6 Lyon_s7 Lyon_s8 Lyon_s9 Lyon_s10
Lyon_s11 Lyon_s12 Lyon_s13


Provence_s1 Provence_s2 Provence_s3 Provence_s4 Provence_s5
Provence_s6 Provence_s7 Provence_s8 Provence_s9 Provence_s10
Provence_s11 Provence_s12 Provence_s13


Paris_s1 Paris_s2 Paris_s3 Paris_s4 Paris_s5
Paris_s6 Paris_s7 Paris_s8 Paris_s11 Paris_s12
Paris_s13 Paris_s14 Paris_s15 Paris_s16 Paris_s18
Paris_s19 Paris_s20 Paris_s21 Paris_s22 Paris_9

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