Live Florence series

2015 marked the year that I decided to stop talking about living in Italy and to actually start living in Italy. After years of discussion it was finally time to make the move.

The best thing I ever did was book the flights, this set the ball in motion and the rest just flowed on from there. Work, home and life all put on hold while I took my time out to live, eat and breath Italy – Florence to be precise.

The Live Florence series is a collection of my experiences while in Florence. Life in Florence can be challenging at times but on a whole I have to say generally it is very rewarding.

My great Florence lesson is ‘if you really want it, you will find out how to get it… if you didn’t find out how to get it, you didn’t really want it’.

I guess what I found most surprising was that there were a lot of things that I considered to be ‘essential‘ prior to my time in Florence that in the end I learned to live without and even forget that I even wanted them.

So far in the series:

In search of sourdough

Finding bread in Florence

 Permission to stay

Applying for a visa to stay in Italy

181 Espressos

Drinking coffee the Italian way

Maintaining your facade

Where to buy toiletries in Florence

Door knockers

A photo essay of the door knockers of Florence

Exploring greater Tuscany

Suggestions on how you can explore greater Tuscany with Florence as your base


Eating seasonally

Learning how to appreciate seasonal eating

Florence’s green spaces

Enjoying green spaces in the heart of Florence


Hard water

Florence could possibly have the worst water in Italy

Finding a home to live in

Advice on finding short-term accomodation


Italian breakfast

Learning to appreciate Italian colazione

Public toilets in Florence

Finding a public toilet while out and about


Buying small appliances

Advice on buying small appliances

Buying manchester

Advice on where you can buy reasonably priced manchester



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