I still hear the call of Spain to this day. In 2013 I discovered Spain – not for the first time – but this time I definitely discovered my passion for all things Spanish and truly learnt to appreciate the beauty of the country.

Starting in Barcelona, heading south along the coast via Valencia and finally south to the Andalusian region. Taking in Granada, Seville and Malaga. Enjoying all that Spain has to offer in terms of country side and lifestyle the standout features of my journey were the beautiful architectural wonders and amazing panoramic views.

It was however, the people of Spain that really made the holiday, the Spanish people truly have an honest connection with their food culture that still inspires me today.


Granda_s1 Granada_s2 Granada_s3 Granada_s4 Granada_s5
Granada_s6 Granada_s7 Granada_s8 Granada_s9 Granada_s10
Granada_s11 Granada_s12 Granada_s13 Granada_s14 Granada_s15
Granada_s16 Granada_s17 Granada_s18 Granada_s19 Granada_s20


Seville_s1 Seville_s2 Seville_s3 Seville_s4 Seville_s5
Seville_s6 Seville_s7 Seville_s8 Seville_s9 Seville_s10
Seville_s11 Seville_s12 Seville_s13 Seville_s14 Seville_s15
Seville_s16 Seville_s17


Ronda_s1 Ronda_s2 Ronda_s3 Ronda_s4 Ronda_s5


Malaga_s1 Malaga_s2 Malaga_s3 Malaga_s4 Malaga_s5
Malaga_s6  Malaga_s7


Valencia_s1 Valencia_s2 Valencia_s3 Valencia_s4 Valencia_s5


Barcelona_s1 Barcelona_s2 Barcelona_s3 Barcelona_s4 Barcelona_s5

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