In my mind Prague is arguably the most beautiful city in the world. Primarily I am an architectural photographer and Prague delivers magnificent baroque architecture around every corner. I think one would be hard placed to find a more picturesque city.

Prague seems almost out of a fairy tale, it has the ability to make you feel like you are living in a different time – a true ability to take you away from everyday life. Undoubtedly, Prague is one of those cities that I can return to over and over again and never be disappointed. Where you can always find another hidden wonder, or possibly the same wonder in a different season. I found the same locations to be equally amazing in summer and winter, but almost unrecognisable as the same place – two cities for the price of one.

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Prague_s1 Prague_s2 Prague_s3 Prague_s4 Prague_s5
Prague_s6 Prague_s7 Prague_s8 Prague_s9 Prague_s10
Prague_s11 Prague_s12 Prague_s13 Prague_s14 Prague_s15


Prague_s30 Prague_s32 Prague_s27 Prague_s29 Prague_s28
Prague_s24 Prague_s31 Prague_s20 Prague_s21 Prague_s23
Prague_s22 Prague_s26

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