Fresh paint for a new season

It’s an exciting time in Santa Margherita, February marks the start of the new season. Or at least getting ready for it.

If the shops haven’t opened as Santa Margherita awakens from its January hibernation, you can be sure that they’re still closed for renovations for the coming season. Continue reading “Fresh paint for a new season”

Italian beachside ghost towns in January

A coastal Italian town in winter may seem like an odd choice for our new home but we chose it nonetheless.

After two months in the busy bustling city of Genoa/Genova we were ready for a slower pace and after a late December day-trip to Santa Margherita we were sold. Continue reading “Italian beachside ghost towns in January”

The change of season in Prague

Prague is beautiful in any season, but the change is dramatic. The scenery can vary greatly between the height of summer and the depth of winter.

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Prague enveloped in a winter haze

In the middle of winter the cold envelopes Prague in a haze of cloud and fog, the sun struggles to break through.